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Received packages in the mail this week!

The first was from a service called Quarterly, a service that matches you up with influential people in the realms of literary, design, tech, food and beyond. Getting a package from Maud Newton was on my Christmas list, a wish fulfilled by my sister, Mary. Inside the beautifully packaged box, Newton included a sticky note-annotated edition of Colson Whitehead’s Colossus of New York, a postcard from an artist she adored, and an essay from my current author crush, Roxane Gay.

The second package was Jennifer, full of treasures for Vasant, Lilo and myself. Lilo knew there was a gift for her inside before we did. She jumped forward, thrust her head inside the package and drew out a tiny muslin pouch.

Thinking she’d snagged some spices or something, I ran after her as she threw them on the ground and began pawing at the drawstrings. I snagged it away from her and then saw they were fancy organic dog treats.

Jennifer knows we like fancy things.

Since then, Lilo has been obsessed with these cookies. She’s only ever liked soft, chewy treats. She hates cookies, but ever since we’ve gotten the treats, she sits beneath where they sit on the counter and whines for them. Add Lilo’s new cookie dependency to one of the many reasons why Jennifer is needed back in Washington.

There is nothing quite as cheerful as getting packages in the mail.

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