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Since today has been super productive artistically, and since that art has been mostly centered around fandom (specifically, my Cumbersmaug gif), I thought I’d post the hi-res images of my Harry Potter/Dumbledore’s Army design.

My sister suggested, as a joke, that I make Dumbledore’s Army shirts for the premiere. As soon as she suggested it, though, a flash of inspiration hit me. When we went to Rome last year, my husband was really inspired by the Roman S.P.Q.R insignia all over the city. He took hundreds of photos of it, in any iteration, as we discovered them.

So my idea for the DA design was Faux instead of the Roman eagle, clutching the Death Stick in his beak, Harry’s Lightning Bolt in his feet, and H.P.D.A instead of S.P.Q.R.

On the back is my imagining of the fake galleon that Hermione enchants in Book 5 to tell other DA members when the next meeting would be. I’m particularly proud of that bit, since only readers of the series will get that reference.

And if you like, these are available in a couple products (shirts, coffee mugs and totes) at my store:

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If you buy any, I get FOUR BUCKS. So, you know, go out and support my coffee addiction. 

If anything, I hope you like the design. I happen to think my phoenix is pretty badass.